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Lady's Stage Hair

Unless instructed otherwise, our stage hair look for ladies is a side-parted low bun.  The part can be on either side--it doesn't matter.  Whispies (those little hairs that stick out and seem uncontrollable are managed well with a little bit of a hair product called pomade which doesn't dry looking hard or "crunchy".  This YouTube tutorial               is great for the performance look we are wanting.  It is important that you start your bun with a good side-parted ponytail--use two hair ties for the strongest hold!

Star dancer tip:  Dancers should not wear earrings larger than studs (gold, silver, or diamond/clear in color) unless told otherwise by their instructors--yes, all of their instructors!

Lady's Stage Makeup

PDA's basic stage performance makeup look is not a "one size fits all" approach.  Our Setting the Stage dancers (ages 2.5 - 6 years) look best with just a little bit of mom's blush applied to the apples of their cheeks and a light layer of lip gloss.  At this age, eyeliner and mascara are not necessary and, in fact, can go very wrong if our little dancers accidentally rub their eyes (they can end up looking like they have a black eye).


Slightly older dancers (ages 7-10) should wear a toned down version of the full stage makeup look worn by our oldest dancers (ages 11+).  We suggest watching this YouTube tutorial           which demonstrates how to apply stage makeup perfectly for our dancers! This look uses neutral browns and blacks for the eyes and a classic red shade for the lips.  You may use whatever brand you prefer for your dancer.  The perfect stage makeup is that which stays on without fading, running or smearing on a hot summer day as those are the cosmetics most likely to hold up under hot stage lights and throughout a sweaty performance.

Star dancer tip: Dancers should remove nail polish prior to any PDA performances. Dancers performing in bare feet should be sure to remove tail nail polish as well!

Gentlemen's Stage Look

Male dancers do not require much preparation for performances; however, they make sure to have and maintain a neat appearance during their entire performance. Hair should be clean.  It should be away from the face and can be held out of the eyes with pomade, gel or hairspray. Teenaged male dancers should be clean shaven and can benefit from the use of stage makeup to hide any blemishes.  This tutorial              is very helpful for male dancers wanting a polished stage look.

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