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1 class per week ................................. $55.00/mo

2 classes per week ........................... $100.00/mo

3 classes per week ........................... $140.00/mo
4 classes per week ........................... $175.00/mo

5+ classes, ea extra class per week ... $35.00/mo

Single class/"drop-in" fee:  $20.00

NOTE: In most cases, we do not prorate classes. Please ask your instructor for suggestions on make-up classes available for your dancer(s) or pay the per-class rate.

Studio class tuition is calculated on an annual basis (the 2022-2023 "Dance Year" beginning August 22, 2022, and ending on June 4, 2023, with our final recital). Monthly tuition payments are auto paid and broken down into 9 (nine) equal monthly installments for convenience. These payments are made accordingly: 


The initial payment is due upon enrollment to hold a dancer's place in any given class. A student is not considered enrolled in a class until the initial payment has been made, and they can be "bumped" if the class meets its size limit. Payments for October through April will be auto paid on the 1st or 15 of the month (whichever was chosen at the time of registration). The final annual payment will be automatically deducted on May 1, 2023, regardless of which date was chosen at registration.

Team fees and rates are shared with parents whose dancers participate in those programs and classes.

There is a 5% sibling tuition discount for families with more than one actively registered and enrolled dancer. This discount only applies to monthly class tuition (not registration fees, special camps, tickets, costumes, etc.), is applied to the second and consecutive students (the first student being that which is taking the most classes).

Private lesson fees:

$20.00 - 15 minutes

$40.00 - 30 minutes

$60.00 - 45 minutes

$80.00 - 1 hour

Semi-private lesson fees (2-4 dancers):

$12.50 ea dancer - 15 minutes

$25.00 ea dancer - 30 minutes

$37.50 ea dancer - 45 minutes

$50.00 ea dancer - 1 hour

Annual non-refundable 
Registration fee
(due in September or at time of initial registration):
$30.00 first dancer

$15.00 sibling(s) (Maximum of $60.00)

A non-refundable Recital Fee of $25.00 per dancer will be added to March statements and due with tuition. (Discounts do not apply.)

Annual non-refundable Performance Team fee (Due September 2023):

$100.00 per dancer

This fee will help offset instructors' costs for extra practices, parades, and performances. It will be added to each team member's September statement and is due with tuition. (Discounts do not apply.)

Competition Team fees:

Shared as needed.

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