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Wish You Were Here


(All classes: Setting the Stage thru Advanced)


On Saturday, May 25, 2024, PDA will be holding our dress rehearsal for all classes at the Stranahan Theater. This will give the dancers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the venue, rehearse their numbers on the stage, and practice their costume changes (if they have more than one number). For PDA’s staff, it is our opportunity to set the curtains, sound, and lights. Dress rehearsals are also an opportunity for parents to practice stage hair & makeup and familiarize themselves with the venue, its location, and drive time.

Our 2024 Dress Rehearsal is divided into three sections. The Setting the Stage classes (Act 1, Act 2, and Encore classes for preschool and kindergarteners) will arrive at 9:45am and rehearse from 10:00-11:00am. The remaining numbers (junior - advanced classes) performing in the first half of the show will arrive at 10:30am and rehearse 11:00am-1:45pm. Dancers performing in numbers in the second half of the show will arrive at 2:15pm and rehearse 2:45-5:30pm. You will find the rehearsal schedule at the bottom of this page.

The first thing that happens is dancers will be directed or escorted to their dressing room and organize their belongings. Dancers with fast changes (they will know who they are) will set their costumes on the proper side of the stage. At 10:45am (or 2:30pm for the second half of the show time slot) all dancers should proceed to the auditorium where dancers in the same numbers will group together. At 11:00am (or 2:45pm for the second half of the show) we will start our rehearsal with a walk through (marking spots and moving through formations). After the walk through dancers will change into the first costume that they will be performing in. Then we will begin our run through in full costume.


When they aren't on stage themselves, dancers use the dress rehearsal as an opportunity to see the show. They will quietly sit in the audience (learning audience etiquette is a great thing!), get to see and support their fellow dancers as they perform, and be a great “practice” audience clapping for their friends when they are not on stage.

DROP OFF/PICK UP INFORMATION  For both the dress rehearsal and performance day, when you arrive at the Stranahan, after parking, you should take your dancer to the backstage door (in the rear of the building). When you arrive at the backstage entrance a PDA staff member or volunteer will be waiting to check your dancer in and someone will direct you and your dancer to where they need to go. If your dancer is old enough (sixth grade and above), then you may drop them off at the backstage door after getting them checked in. Pick-up is the reverse of drop off. Parents must pickup dancers and dancers must leave via the backstage door.



Setting the Stage dancers should arrive dressed in their recital costumes with their hair recital ready. 
Dancers should arrive to dress rehearsal in comfortable street clothes that they can move in (a t-shirt and leggings, fo
r example) with their stage hair, and makeup done. All female dancers should wear their hair in a low parted bun.  Dancers should wear appropriate under garments that do not show under their costumes.  Don't forget deordorant with anti-perspirant! Please visit PDA's website for information on stage hair and performance makeup here 




Dancers should arrive in thier costumes and should bring their dance shoes with them.  Any belongings should be taken with their parents.


Dancers should bring their costumes, accessories, and dance shoes with them to dress rehearsal. Dancers with more than one number should bring all of their costumes, accessories, and shoes.  All dancers should bring a water bottle—only clear water, please (we don’t want anyone staining their costumes). PLEASE LABEL ALL OF YOUR DANCER’S BELONGINGS and DO NOT FORGET THEIR DANCE SHOES!

INFORMATION FOR DANCERS THERE ALL DAY Dancers in both the first and second half of the show will have a lunch break (1:45-2:45pm) and should plan accordingly. They should definitely bring a healthy, non-messy sack lunch with them! (see note below)


A message about food…

Drinks and food are prohibited on stage, backstage, and in the auditorium; however, dancers are allowed to have bottles of plain, clear water and “clean” (as in not messy), healthy  food and snacks in their dressing rooms. Please avoid sending greasy, messy, or overly pungent food choices, and remind your dancer that they should NEVER eat while wearing their costumes.


Where should I go while my dancer is rehearsing?

Setting the Stage parents are asked to remain at the theater and remain seated at the back of the house on the left hand side until your dancer is finished for the morning. They are dismissed when they are done.

Parents of junior thru advanced dancers, if you have volunteered to assist with the dress rehearsal you will be assigned a task (thank you!). If you have volunteered for either show you may also remain at The Stranahan during the dress rehearsal in order to familiarize yourself with the duties of the job you have been assigned. All others, your dancer will be with us for several hours. Please feel free to enjoy some time for yourself, but be sure to return at the pick up time stated.


(Preschool/Kindergarten dancers in Act 1, Act 2, and Encore classes)

Arrival - 9:45am

Rehearsal time - 10:00am-11:00am

Dismissal - When your child's class is finished rehearsing, they are dismissed and you can take them with you . All Setting the Stage classes should finish rehearsing by 11:00am.

Rocky Top (1:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Encore! T5:45)

Instructor - Kristin Polubneva; Demonstrator - Kennedy Sandwisch 

Lily Black, Emersyn Bowers, Adelyn Bunker, Emmaline Hill, Emory Kolena, Katherine Lossick, Olivia Naves, Elle Radabaugh,

Claire Sokoloski

Build Me Up Buttercup (6:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Encore! W6:00)

Instructor: Anna Giller; Assistant: Gabby Petrie

Josephine Cufr, Charlotte Hatcher, Stella Murray, Charlotte Samson, Emerson Sanford, Jolene Schiewer, Audrey Shiple, Nadea Stewart

These Boots Are Made For Walking (1:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Act 2, Sat10:30)

Instructor: Anna Giller; Assistant: Caitlin Shroyer

Piper Blakeley, Emris Cousino, Adalyn Currier, Piper Hawn, Evelyn McVey, Victoria (Tori) Rutledge, Noralynn Scofield, Megha Sukala


Rockin' Robin (6:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Encore! Sat11:00)

Instructor: Anna Giller; Assistant: Caitlin Shroyer

Mia Andreano, Clara Chiarelott, Maisy Hanf, Aspen Hoelter, Olivia Langenderfer, Carolyn Ortinau, Bella Queen, Daphne Smith

Better in Stereo (1PM) (Setting the Stage: Act 1, M4:15)

Instructors: Macy Friemoth & Addison Wilhelms

Charli Arthur, Piper Bates, Zoey Black, Isla Labash, Remy Oberhouse, Avianna Ruskinoff, Ivy Seamons, Abigail Yontov

Put on a Happy Face (6:00pm) (Class: Setting the Stage: Act 1, W5:00)

Instructor: Anna Giller; Demonstrator: Claire Bucher

Edith Buchanan, Charlotte  Bucher , Vivienne Graham, Jaimee Haley , Lilly Hanna, Lauren Hieber, Olivia Kollar, Selah Pratt,

Yara Sakthikumar

Sh-Boom (1:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Encore! M5:15)

Instructor: Olivia Luscombe; Assistant: Addison Wilhelms

Kinsley Brown, Isla Ferguson, Sophia Hacker, Harper Kerns, Caroline Kociancic, Teagan Madison, Elizabella Ruskinoff, Josephine Schneider, Edith Sobecki, Franklin Suffel, Cassandra Tipton

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (1:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Act 2, M4:45)

Instructor: Olivia Luscombe; Assistant: Addison Wilhelms

Sophie Barefoot, Millie Boris, Annabelle Kubacki, Braelyn Maher, Camille Meurs, Reese Ogdahl, Caroline Pickerel, Margaret Sobecki,

Cailyn Tasma, Remington Walker, Lily Zelasko

Clap Your Hands (6:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Act 2, T5:15)

Instructor:Addison Wilhelms; Demonstrator: Sophie Gudgeon

Harper Abbey, Baylee  Bates, Adora Essig, Camila George, Addison Hall, Ella Mercer, Lillian Scott, Josephine Sheskey, Marley Siefert

You Are My Sunshine (1:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Act 1, Sat10:00)

Instructor: Anna Giller; Demonstrator: Cameryn Secrest

Alana Handshoe, Ruby Ogdahl, Rosalie Romanowicz, Isabella Russell, Sophia Saffo

Wind in My Hair (6:00pm) (Setting the Stage: Act 2, W5:30) 

Instructor: Anna Giller; Demonstrator: Violet Marier

Emma Bettin, Elsie Brewer, Josephine Cairnes, Ruby DeWood, Emma Hanna, Lucille LaClair, Molly Langell, Noah White



Arrival - 10:30am

Rehearsal time - 11am-1:45pm
Dismissal if only performing in first half of the show - 1:45pm


Send Me On My Way (Performance Team, S10:30am)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Elisabeth Axford, Brooke Bagdonas, Lucy Barkholz, Claire Bucher, India DeBruin, Stella Dockins, Joslin Downey, Macy Friemoth, Addison     Fullenkamp, Sophie Gudgeon, Nicole Holmes, Lillian Kruse, Lydia Liwo, Kiersten Ludwig, Violet Marier, Ava Materni, Brooklyn Milligan, Makenna Moore, Bryn Rajner, Nora Rome, Sadie Rome, Avery Secrest, Cameryn Secrest, Addison Wilhelms, Charlotte Zdawczyk

The Best of Both Worlds  (Jr Jazz, W6:45)

Instructor: Gabby Petrie; Demonstrator: Bryn Rajner

Olivia Fodo, Isabella (Ella) Fullenkamp, Josephine Smith, Nevaeh Stewart, Charlotte Strassner, Mollie Yenrick, Crawford Yoder

Pump It  (Hip Hop 1, T8:15 & TH6:45)

Instructor: Morgan Morse; Assistant: Lyla Fischer

Mary Ann Calderon, Jade Chan, Hannah Christison, Averie Coleman, Charlotte Dielman, Tess Dysert, Chloe Edge, Leah Edge, Madison Hawkins, Molly Hayes, Manelle Jomaa, Amelia Mass, Colton Moore, Esme Rummell, Paityn Samson, Penelope Smith, Evangeline Tumino


Run the World (Jazz 4, TH7:30)

Instructor: Sarah Heckler

Lucy Barkholz, Claire Bucher, Lillian Bullock, India DeBruin, Sophie Gudgeon, Addie Kunos, Bryn Rajner, Cameryn Secrest, Caitlin Shroyer


Come As You Are (Ballet V, T8:15)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Brooke Bagdonas, Madison Burnham, Matilda Dalton, Emme Frantz, Macy Friemoth, Anna Kang, Hannah Kersten, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie, Sage Wagner


Canyon Moon (Tap 3, M8:00)

Instructor: Megan Burnham

Addelyn Cline, Evelyn Cufr, Adrianna Garcia, Emily Koedam, Violet Marier, Nylah Miron, Carly Perry, Izzy Salander, Brooklyn Windsor


Seven  (Lyrical Beginner, T8:00)

Instructor: Megan Burnham

Mia Beaber, Makenzie Burnham, Addison Fullenkamp, Ava Materni, Eleanor Young


Take You to Rio (Jr Hip Hop, TH6:00)

Instructor: Morgan Morse; Assistant: Lyla Fischer

Carmen Calderon, Kate Calderon, Elliana Lopez, Laina Scott, Emilia Seamons                                                                   


When in Rome (Ballet I, T6:30)
Instructor: Megan Burnham; Demonstrator: Lucy Barkholz

Lilly Boggs, Imogen Brunner, Vivienne Calvin, Jade Chan, Cora Downey, Kendall Drossman, Madison Hawkins, Molly Hayes, Esme Rummell, Genevieve Stierman, Evangeline Tumino, Piper Wilhelms


Yellow (Ballet I, M7:30)

Instructor: Olivia Luscombe; Demonstrator: Lucy Barkholz

Mia Beaber, Lydia Cannon, Mila Humphrey, Annabel Krisiewicz, Ava Labash, Harlow Madison, Vivian Motzel, Sloane Murphy, Evelyn Rupp, Ariella Schieferstein


Uninvited (Pointe III, W8:30)
Instructor: Alisa Marier

Madison Burnham, Macy Friemoth, Anna Kang, Hannah Kersten, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie, Sage Wagner

Dedicated to the One I Love (Ballet IV, T7:15)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Lucy Barkholz, Claire Bucher, Lillian Bullock, India DeBruin, Lyla Fischer, Sophie Gudgeon, Addie Kunos, Cameryn Secrest, Caitlin Shroyer, Allie Welch, Tori Wignall, Addison Wilhelms


Haus of Holbein (Musical Theater Intermediate, M6:15)

Instructor: Alisa Marier; Assistant: Macy Friemoth

Elisabeth Axford, Addelyn Cline, Stella Dockins, Joslin Downey, Ragan Fry, Adrianna Garcia, Olivia Kesling, Lillian Kruse, Lydia Liwo, Kiersten Ludwig, Violet Marier, Lucy Pratt, Avery Secrest

California Girls (Jazz 2, M5:45)

Instructor: Megan Burnham; Assistant: Maddie Burnham

Lilly Boggs, Makenzie Burnham, Bailee Kieffer, Lorelei Kreps, Maggie Lindsey, Jane Merrell, Makenna Moore, Julia Motzel, Kate Rairigh, Julia Riggs, Nora Rome, Sadie Rome, Diya Sukala, Charlotte Zdawczyk

I'm Gonna Be (Jazz 1, M4:00)

Instructor: Olivia Luscombe; Assistant: Gabby Petrie

Isabella Brough, Johanna Czech, Samantha Davis, Cora Downey, Harper Downey, Nicole Holmes, Jaclyn Kantner, Ava Labash, Colton Moore, Charlotte Murphy, Penelope Smith, Addison Wise

Three Little Birds (Pre Ballet, W4:15)

Instructors: Macy Friemoth & Addison Wilhelms

Carmen Calderon, Kate Calderon, Leona Cygan, Rosalie Gottschalk, Lily Mercer, Evelynn Passalacqua, Nevaeh Stewart, Faith Teems, Layla Teems, Audrey Zylka


Smooth Criminal (Jazz 3, M7:15)

Instructor: Megan Burnham

Elisabeth Axford, Stella Dockins, Olivia Kesling, Kiersten Ludwig, Nylah Miron, Carly Perry, Lucy Pratt, Izzy Salander, Brooklyn Windsor


Let's Get Loud (Tap 1, T7:15 & W6:45)

Instructor: Megan Burnham; Assistants: Brooke Bagdonas & Brooklyn Milligan

Adalyn Boecker, Lilly Boggs, Isabella Brough, Vivienne Calvin, Jade Chan, Averie Coleman, Naomi Davies, Marian Fish, Molly Hayes, Emma Holm, Jaclyn Kantner, Harlow Madison, Amelia Mass, Mirabel Pasch, Charlotte Pickerel, Kate Rairigh, Emma Riggs, Stella Rygalski, Genevieve Stierman, Piper Wilhelms


Sky Full of Song (Pointe II, W7:00)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Brooke Bagdonas, Matilda Dalton, Lyla Fischer, Emme Frantz, Sophie Gudgeon, Addie Kunos, Tori Wignall, Addison Wilhelms


All Right (Jazz 2, TH5:15)

Instructor: Sarah Heckler; Assistant: Brooklyn Milligan

Brooke Bates, Lydia Cannon, Hannah Christison, Addelyn Cline, Ragan Fry, Addison Fullenkamp, Evynn Hill, Mikiyah Kelley, Lyla Krall, Lillian Kruse, Ellie Kubacki, Ava Materni, Makenna Moore, Sloane Murphy, Annabelle Novotny, Esme Rummell, Avery Secrest, Neha Sharath


Speed Drive (Jazz 3, TH6:45)

Instructor: Sarah Heckler

McKenzie Bates, Joslin Downey, Adrianna Garcia, Lydia Liwo, Violet Marier, Kennedy Sandwisch, Olivia Scasny


Boogie Shoes (Jr Tap, M6:45)

Instructor: Olivia Luscombe; Demonstrator: India DeBruin

Lydia Chin, Quinn Dysert, Ruth Hayes, Ava Irick, Avery Mass, Lorelei McKinney, Breslyn Moore, Ariella Schieferstein, Nevaeh Stewart


Good Vibrations (Jr Hip Hop, M5:00)

Instructor: Clara Steele; Assistant: Lyla Fischer

Belle Bates, Lucy Cooper, Reagan Henry, Violet Ochoa, Josephine Smith, Mina Tran, Crawford Yoder


Freak Flag (Musical Theater Beginner, M4:45)

Instructor: Alisa Marier; Assistant: Macy Friemoth; Demonstrator: Claire Bucher

Lilly Boggs, Isabella Brough, Johanna Czech, Nicole Holmes, Lorelei Kreps, Madilyn Maher, Charlotte Majchrowski, Jane Merrell, Colton Moore, Makenna Moore, Annabelle Novotny, Charlotte Pickerel, Kate Rairigh, Julia Riggs, Stella Rygalski, Piper Wilhelms, Charlotte Zdawczyk


Rivers and Roads (Lyrical Advanced)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Brooke Bagdonas, Lucy Barkholz, Claire Bucher, Lillian Bullock, Madison Burnham, Matilda Dalton, India DeBruin, Emme Frantz, Macy Friemoth, Sophie Gudgeon, Anna Kang, Addie Kunos, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie, Cameryn Secrest, Caitlin Shroyer, Sage Wagner, 

Addison Wilhelms







Arrival - 2:15pm
Rehearsal time - 2:45-5:30pm

Dismissal - 5:30pm

What I Was Born to Do (Musical Theater Advanced, M8:30)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Brooke Bagdonas, Lucy Barkholz, Claire Bucher, Madison Burnham, Matilda Dalton, India DeBruin, Macy Friemoth, Sophie Gudgeon, Anna Kang, Addie Kunos, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie, Bryn Rajner, Cameryn Secrest, Grace Sterling, Sage Wagner, Allie Welch, 

Addison Wilhelms


Kingdom (Modern Beginner/Intermediate, TH6:00)

Instructor: Sarah Heckler

Elisabeth Axford, McKenzie Bates, Evelyn Cufr, Stella Dockins, Kennedy Sandwisch, Olivia Scasny, Eleanor Young


Every Step You Take (Lyrical Beginner, T5:45)

Instructor: Megan Burnham; Assistant: Sage Wagner

Lilly Boggs, Lydia Cannon, Kendall Drossman, Alivia Hatzidakis, Madison Hawkins, Julia Motzel, Sadie Rome, Esme Rummell, Evelyn Rupp, Neha Sharath, Genevieve Stierman, Charlotte Zdawczyk


Walkin' on Sunshine (Jr Jazz, TH4:30)

Instructor: Morgan Morse; Demonstrator: Sophie Gudgeon

Liliana Bill, Isabel  Boecker, Riley Cobb, Lucy Cooper, Guindin Cousino, Olivia Gomes, Jillian Hawkins, Ruth Hayes, Addelyn Kubacki,

Elliana Lopez


Apres Moi (Modern Advanced, M5:30)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Lucy Barkholz, Claire Bucher, Lillian Bullock, Macy Friemoth, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie, Caitlin Shroyer, Sage Wagner, Allie Welch


Graceland Too (Ballet III, T6:15)

Instructor: Alisa Marier; Assistant: Macy Friemoth

Elisabeth Axford, McKenzie Bates, Evelyn Cufr, Hannah Davies, Joslin Downey, Olivia Kesling, Kiersten Ludwig, Violet Marier, Grace Miller, Nylah Miron, Carly Perry, Bryn Rajner, Olivia Scasny, Brooklyn Windsor


Wandering Child (Ballet II, W5:15)

Instructor: Alisa Marier; Demonstrator: India DeBruin

Brooke Bates, Addison Fullenkamp, Lillian Kruse, Ava Materni, Kate Rairigh, Julia Riggs, Nora Rome, Sadie Rome, Avery Secrest, Neha Sharath, Eleanor Young


Hot Wings (Jr Hip Hop, T7:15)

Instructor: Morgan Morse; Assistant: Sage Wagner

Freya Afzal, Haylee Albright, Kenzley Karazim, Felicity Kreps, Breslyn Moore, Karmen Naves, Hazel Stark


I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Ballet I, W5:15)

Instructor: Megan Burnham; Assistant: Brooke Bagdonas

Addison (Addie) Bettin, Adalyn Boecker, Isabella Brough, Addelyn Cline, Averie Coleman, Johanna Czech, Milania Ellison, Elsie Hagedorn, Charlotte Majchrowski, Amelia Mass, Rien Pangborn, Charlotte Pickerel, Emma Riggs, Hope Rospert, Stella Rygalski

Lovely (Pointe I, W6:15)

Instructor: Alisa Marier; Assistant: Macy Friemoth

Elisabeth Axford, Lucy Barkholz, Claire Bucher, Lillian Bullock, Evelyn Cufr, India DeBruin, Kiersten Ludwig, Cameryn Secrest, Caitlin Shroyer, Allie Welch


Vacation (Jr Jazz, T6:30)

Instructor: Morgan Morse; Demonstrator: Claire Bucher

Olivia Blessing, Carmen Calderon, Kate Calderon, Elise Essig, Henley Franklin, Ava Irick, Felicity Kreps, Raelynn Leupp, Breslyn Moore,

Hazel Stark


New York, New York (Tap 2, M6:30)

Instructor: Megan Burnham

Brooke Bates, McKenzie Bates, Makenzie Burnham, Addison Fullenkamp, Bailee Kieffer, Madilyn Maher, Julia Motzel, Julia Riggs, Nora Rome


Born to Be Brave (Jazz 1, TH4:30)

Instructor: Sarah Heckler; Demonstrator: Kiersten Ludwig

Imogen Brunner, Jade Chan, Chloe Edge, Leah Edge, Sofia Gomes, Madison Hawkins, Molly Hayes, Emma Holm, Brooklyn Lewis, Milan McKinney, Rien Pangborn, Emma Rupp, Piper Wilhelms

Empire State of Mind (Tap 4/5, M7:00)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Brooke Bagdonas, Madison Burnham, Sophie Gudgeon, Anna Kang, Hannah Kersten, Grace Miller, Brooklyn Milligan, Caitlin Shroyer,

Grace Sterling, Allie Welch, Addison Wilhelms


Exile (Lyrical Intermediate, T5:30)

Instructor: Alisa Marier; Assistant: Macy Friemoth

Elisabeth Axford, Evelyn Cufr, Hannah Davies, Kiersten Ludwig, Violet Marier, Lucy Pratt,Bryn Rajner, Olivia Scasny, Tori Wignall


Party in the USA (Jazz 1, W6:00)

Instructor: Megan Burnham; Assistant: Brooklyn Milligan

Addison (Addie) Bettin, Adalyn Boecker, Vivienne Calvin, Averie Coleman, Elsie Hagedorn, Amelia Kruse, Kennedy Luck, Madilyn Maher, Charlotte Majchrowski, Amelia Mass, Mirabel Pasch, Charlotte Pickerel, Emma Riggs, Stella Rygalski, Ellis Schaar


Somewhere Only We Know (Pre Ballet, M6:00)

Instructor: Olivia Luscombe; Demonstrator: Cameryn Secrest

Isabella (Ella) Fullenkamp, Ruth Hayes, Ava Irick, Juliet Kociancic, Addelyn Kubacki, Avery Mass, Alivia McMahon, Breslyn Moore,

Vanessa Morris, Caroline Rairigh, Lucy Yarnell


See You Again (Ballet II, T4:30)

Instructor: Alisa Marier; Assistant: Macy Friemoth

Makenzie Burnham, Stella Dockins, Alivia Hatzidakis, Julia Motzel, Joanna Nesamony, Lucy Pratt, Kennedy Sandwisch, Charlotte Zdawczyk


The Distance (Jazz 5, M7:45)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Brooke Bagdonas, Madison Burnham, Matilda Dalton, Lyla Fischer, Macy Friemoth, Anna Kang, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie,

Grace Sterling, Sage Wagner, Allie Welch, Addison Wilhelms

Celebrate (Hip Hop 2/3/4, TH7:30)

Instructor: Morgan Morse; Assistant: Lyla Fischer

Lilly Boggs, Kendall Drossman, Alivia Hatzidakis, Mikiyah Kelley, Emily Koedam, Sloane Murphy, Joanna Nesamony, Nora Rome, Olivia Scasny, Neha Sharath


I Need to Go Somewhere (Jr Tap, TH5:15)

Instructor: Morgan Morse; Demonstrator: Sophie Gudgeon

Carmen Calderon, Kate Calderon, Guindin Cousino, Leona Cygan, Isabella (Ella) Fullenkamp, Addelyn Kubacki, Erin Patterson,

Emilia Seamons


Wish You Were Here (Art in Motion)

Instructor: Alisa Marier

Brooke Bagdonas, Lucy Barkholz, McKenzie Bates, Claire Bucher, Madison Burnham, Matilda Dalton, Emme Frantz, Macy Friemoth,

Sophie Gudgeon, Anna Kang, Kiersten Ludwig, Violet Marier, Brooklyn Milligan, Bryn Rajner, Cameryn Secrest, Sage Wagner, 

Addison Wilhelms


Junior thru Advanced classes in BOTH HALVES of the show

Arrival - 10:30am
Lunch break - 1:45-2:45pm (NOTE: dancers in both halves of the show should bring a nutritious, non-messy sack lunch and should be reminded by their parents not to eat while wearing their costume!)

Dismissal - 5:30pm

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