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Starting the Dance Year Off on the "Right Foot"

With the start of our 2019-2020 dance year upon us, I thought I would offer some tips on preparing your dancer for class with the focus on dressing for dance. So, here is my "Head to Toe" list for creating a stress-free beginning to your dance year:

1.) Get your gear ready! If you haven't seen it already you should check out our web-page dedicated to What to Wear to Class. From tops and bottoms, shoes,'s all there! Pro-tip: If you have a returning dancer, have them gather up all of last year's shoes and dance apparel and have a fashion show to make sure that everything still fits. Sell or donate items that your dancer has out-grown and make a shopping list of items that you need for the upcoming dance year. You can make a date of it and visit Dancer's Pointe or shop at 2am on a website like Discount Dance.

2.) Label everything! You know how socks get lost in clothes dryers? Well, dance items sometimes seem to chasse away all on their own. When your child's dance shoe or pair of dance shorts has made its way into our "lost and found" the best chance it has to be reunited with your child is to have their name (or at least their initials) written on it somewhere. We keep lost items for 2 weeks and then we donate them to charity. Please label your child's items and remember to check the lost and found often. Note worthy: Things we don't keep include socks, undergarments, hair brushes, hair accessories, food and water bottles/thermoses--if you remember the Yeti-Yarn (as in tale) of 2019 then you know why thermoses left behind will be crushed and destroyed!

3.) Keep it all in one place! Make this year the year that you have a dedicated dance bag, and make it a habit that when the ballet slippers come off they go right into the your child's dance bag. Either leave the bag in your car, or have a special spot at home for your child's dance bag. Keeping everything together in one place makes it easy the following week when you don't have to look around for your child's dance gear.

Wishing everyone a great start to our 2019-2020 dance year!

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