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Back to Dance Class: The most frequently asked question is...

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Registration time is busy but exciting. There is so much planning and preparation that goes into making sure that all of our dancers have a great start for the new dance year, but I thrive on multi-tasking so it's exciting to me!

Adding to the thrill of this time of year, did you know that registration time even has its own sound? That's right. You see, my phone bongs alerting me every time another parent signs their dancer up for a new class. I never realized that there were so many night-owl parents in our studio family until we started on-line enrollments (3am enrollments are actually a thing at PDA)!

While I am busy making sure the dance year starts off smoothly, I know that our parents are working hard to make sure that their children start the year off right too, because many times within seconds of enrolling in classes an email arrives containing the most frequently asked question in the studio:

"What should my child wear to dance class?"

That's a great question, and our website now has all of your answers in one place. Rather your child is a Setting the Stage preschooler or an advanced dancer in Ballet V, all you need to do is follow the link to our "What to Wear to Class" website page for all of the answers on leotards, tights, footwear, hair, hygiene and more.

My heart is happy knowing that we've made it easier to have your dancer ready for that Back to Dance selfie!

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