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Perrysburg Dance Academy

Proudly Presents




Owens Community College

Center for the Fine & Performing Arts

Friday, December 9, 2022, 6:00PM

Saturday, December 10, 2022, 2:00PM




Clara Stahlbaum:  Maddie Burnham


Louise Stahlbaum:  Emme Frantz      


Nanny:  Brooklyn Milligan


Jammie Dancers:  Vivienne Calvin, Olivia Fodo, Ruth Hayes, Brooklyn Lewis, Breslyn Moore, Harper Myers, Lucy Yarnell


Friends of Clara:  Elisabeth Axford, India DeBruin, Tori Wignall


Party Dancers:  Lilly Boggs, Makenzie Burnham, Lydia Cannon, Dani Faulkner, Addison Fullenkamp, Kelsey Martinez, Nora Rome


Drosselmeier:  Evan Thompson (Senior)


The Top:  Allie Welch


Music Box Ballerina: Gabi Lemerand (Senior)


Wind-up Doll:  Addison Wilhelms


Toy Soldier Doll:  Sage Wagner


Evil Mouse Trio:  Lucy Barkholz, Angel Garcia, Sophie Gudgeon


Mice:  Lillian Calmes, Riley Cobb, Milania Ellison, Tessa Junkins, Annabelle Novotny, Penelope Novotny, Genevieve Stierman, Will Stierman, Layla Teems


The Nutcracker:  Hannah Kersten


Soldiers:  Ragan Fry, Mikiyah Kelley, Lorelei Kreps, Kelsey Martinez, Jane Merrell, Gretchen Miller, Sadie Rome


Snowflakes en Pointe:  Brooke Bagdonas, Gabi Lemerand, Sage Wagner, Addison Wilhelms


Snow Princesses:  Lyla Fischer, Caitlin Shroyer


Snowflakes:  Elisabeth Axford, Lucy Barkholz, Lillian Bullock, Evi Cufr, India DeBruin, Emme 

Frantz, Angel Garcia, Sophie Gudgeon, Olivia Kesling, Cameryn Secrest, Clara Steele, Allie Welch, Tori Wignall 


Apprentice Snowflakes:  Diana Beach, Claire Bucher, Grace Miller, Bryn Rajner


Snow Queen:  Sarah Freck (Senior)


Ice Queen:  Macy Friemoth


Flurries:  Ellie Garst, Anna Kang, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie





Angels:  Addie Bettin, Lilly Boggs, Milania Ellison, Jaclyn Kantner, Annabel Krisiewicz, Emma Riggs


Sugar Plum Fairy:  Grace Clark (Senior)


Hot Chocolate:  Evi Cufr, Grace Miller


Rockettes:  Brooke Bagdonas, Sarah Freck, Macy Friemoth, Ellie Garst, Anna Kang, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie, Sage Wagner, Allie Welch


Toffee: Lily Barkholz, Addison Fullenkamp, Nylah Miron, Julia Riggs


Tiramisu Feature:  Clara Steele (Senior)


Tiramisu Tarantella Dancers: Lucy Barkholz, India DeBruin, Angel Garcia, Sophie Gudgeon, Grace Miller, Bryn Rajner


Chinese Tea: Molly Hayes, Jaclyn Kantner, Jackson Lewis, Madilyn Maher, Emma Riggs, Nora Rome, Genevieve Stierman, Will Stierman, Piper Wilhelms


Spanish Soloist:  Addison Wilhelms


Candy Canes: Elisabeth Axford, Diana Beach, Claire Bucher, Lillian Bullock, Evi Cufr, Emme  Frantz, Olivia Kesling, Cameryn Secrest


English Rose: Dani Faulkner, Gretchen Miller, Julia Riggs, Sadie Rome, Kennedy Sandwisch


Arabian Princess: Gabby Petrie


Arabian Coffee Court:  Gabi Lemerand, Lyla Fischer, Caitlin Shroyer, Tori Wignall


Marzipan Shepherdess:  Anna Kang


Marzipan Sheep:  Vivienne Calvin, Ruth Hayes, Breslyn Moore, Sandy Saour, Piper Wilhelms


Trepak:  Lily Barkholz, Mikiyah Kelley, Lorelei Kreps, Jane Merrell, Nylah Miron, Kennedy Sandwisch


Chinese Dragon Soloist:  Brooke Bagdonas


Chinese Dragon Dancers:  Sarah Freck, Morgan Morse, Clara Steele, Evan Thompson, Sage Wagner, Allie Welch, Addison Wilhelms


Baker Ginger: Olivia Kesling


Gingersnaps:  Tess Born, Addie Bettin, Makenzie Burnham, Molly Hayes, Annabel Krisiewicz, Madilyn Maher, Annabelle Novotny, Penelope Novotny, Layla Teems


Dew Drop:  Ellie Garst (Senior)


Featured Pink Daisies:  Lillian Bullock, Evi Cufr


Pink Daisies:  Elisabeth Axford, Brooke Bagdonas, Lucy Barkholz, India DeBruin, Sarah Freck, Olivia Kesling


Apprentice Pink Daisies:  Diana Beach, Claire Bucher, Grace Miller, Bryn Rajner


Violets:  Macy Friemoth, Sophie Gudgeon, Anna Kang, Cameryn Secrest, 

Clara Steele, Tori Wignall


Daffodils:  Gabi Lemerand, Caitlin Shroyer, Allie Welch, Addison Wilhelms


Bluebells:  Lyla Fischer, Emme Frantz, Angel Garcia, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie, Sage Wagner


Pas de Deux (plus Deux):  Maddie Burnham, Grace Clark, Hannah Kersten, Evan Thompson


Finale:  Entire Cast


Many thanks to the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who supported our dancers through several months of rehearsals. A special “Thank You” to all of the parent and friend volunteers who went above and beyond to make our 2022 Nutcracker season enchanted!


Thank you to the staff of Owens Community College’s Center for the Fine & Performing Arts for allowing us to perform in their beautiful facility. A special "Thank You" to our Technical Director, Rick Clever, for his assistance in making our show run smoothly and look amazing!


Thank you to the following businesses in making our show magical: Dunlap Photography, Tuxedo Junction, and Creative Video Imagery.


Bravo and Bouquets to our dedicated staff who worked long hours to ensure the success of this production:


Studio Director/Producer………………..........Pamela Laskiewicz Heckler

Artistic Director/Show Director………………Alisa Marier

Instructors/Show Choreographers…………..Megan Burnham, Alisa Marier, and Mariah Neil

Office & Support Staff……………………….....Melanie Friemoth, Tiffany Petrie



Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and the numerous leadership roles that you have embraced within our dance family. You are strong, lovely, talented dancers, but, most of all, you are amazing human beings. We are so proud of you all! You are the embodiment of wonderment and joy--the spirit of The Nutcracker! We have loved every moment that we have shared together and will forever treasure the memories that we have made with you!

Photo of Perrysburg Dance Academy's 2022 Nutcracker Seniors
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