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Perrysburg Dance Academy will immediately implement the following policies for the health and safety of our employees, dancers, families, and guests:


Prior to arriving for class, parents should verbally ensure that their dancer is in good health by asking:


Are you experiencing the following (Covid-19) symptoms?

• Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and/or abdominal pain

• Cough

• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

• Fever

• Chills

• Muscle pain

• Sore throat

• New loss of taste or smell


Should a dancer have any of the noted health complaints, they should remain home until they are recovered for 72 hours.

When complaining of illness, a dancer's temperature should be taken. Should a dancer or anyone in their immediate family (those residing in the same home) have a fever of over 100.00 degrees, dancer should remain home for 72 hours after the person is fever and symptom-free. 

If a dancer tests positive for Covid-19, they must remain home until they test negative and are released to return to dance by their physician. Please provide the front desk with a physician’s note stating they may return to class. If feeling well enough and permitted by their physician, they can join their class(es) via Zoom. (SEE “IF SOMEONE TESTS POSITIVE below.)

If a dancer comes in contact with anyone who tests positive or is believed by a physician to be positive for Covid-19, they must remain home for 14 days. They are encouraged to join their class(es) via Zoom.

Parents of any student exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms while they are at the studio will be called and asked to pick their dancer up. They may return to class when they are 72 hours symptom and/or fever free.  A makeup class can be taken later via Zoom.

Employees shall follow these same guidelines. Substitutes will be used to teach or students will be instructed to use Zoom classes to make up when necessary.


If a dancer, anyone in their immediate family, or someone your dancer has come in contact with tests positive for Covid 19 YOU MUST NOTIFY THE STUDIO IMMEDIATELY!

If anyone who has had direct with the studio tests positive for Covid 19, the studio will take the following steps to ensure everyone’s health and safety:

  • Immediately report employee or customer infections to the Wood   County Health Department.

  • Work with the Wood County Health Department to identify potentially exposed individuals to help facilitate appropriate communication.

  • Shutdown studio if necessry for deep sanitation.

  • Professionally clean and sanitize site/location if recommended by Wood County Health Department.

  • Reopen in consultation with the Wood County Health Department


FACE MASKS OR COVERINGS (updated 8/28/21)

Employees will wear face masks or coverings at all times when physically in the studio. The only exception: If an employee is the only person in a particular room, they may remove their face covering until in the presence of others. 

For the safety of our instructors, staff, and our entire dance family, all individual ages 2 and up (this includes but is not limited to dancers, parents, siblings, and guests) are required to wear face masks or coverings in the studio (the lobby, changing area, restroom, and dance classrooms). Dancers may take a supervised mask break outside of the studio if necessary.


All employees, dancers, family members and guests should maintain a distance of six feet from one another at all times. Signs reminding everyone will be posted throughout the studio. 

Class sizes will be strictly enforced! Perrysburg Dance Academy will adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Health which allows for 1 person per 100 square feet in gyms and dance studios. Studio A will allow for no more than 8-10 persons total in the room at one time. Studio B will allow for no more than 18 persons total in the room at one time. These limits include ALL persons (instructors, assistants, demonstrators, dancers, etc.). In order to visualize and make social distancing easier, we have taped squares for our dancers allowing for no more than 6 dancers in Studio A, 15 dancers in Studio B, and 12 dancers in our Annex. While guidelines as of July 26, 2020, allow for this number of dancers, we feel it is safest to limit class sizes to 10 participants in Studio B and the Annex to ensure that classes will not need to be cancelled in the event State guidelines tighten.


Although often crowded, we are very lucky to have a studio lobby for family members to stay while classes are underway (many studios lack this aspect).  Sadly I feel it is necessary to suspend this practice for now and implement a "DROP & GO" policy. The ONLY exception will be ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN remaining for those preschool and kindergarten students who need a parent to stay while they are in class.  Setting the Stage parents, if your dancer is one that would be comfortable dancing while you wait in your car or run an errand until the end of class, please help us by doing so. SETTING THE STAGE students will be greeted by their teachers or assistants in the lobby and taken to class.


Students should be dropped off as close to the beginning of class time as is practical (no more than 10 minutes early) and picked up immediately after the scheduled end of class time.  Of course, students having back-to-back classes can and should remain at the studio; however, if your dancer has a break longer than 15 minutes between classes or does not have back-to-back classes, they should be picked up and returned when their next class begins.


Students should bring as few personal items with them to the studio as possible. Students who switch classes requiring them to bring several pairs of shoes should bring them in a small duffel bag or backpack. Please ask your dancers NOT to share cubbies until further notice. Dancers may leave their outside footwear, backpacks, coats, etc. along the wall in the lobby when cubbies are filled. Items should not be strewn about in the student changing area.


Employees, students, family members, and visitors should use hand sanitizer when entering the studio lobby. Students having back-to-back classes will be required to use hand sanitizer during the break between classes.


Employees, students, family members, and visitors should thoroughly wash their hands after using the restroom. Experts recommend soaping hands for the length of reciting the alphabet in your head before rinsing. 



It is important that all dancers adhere to the dress code at all times so instructors can see their form while social distancing.

Studio B and the Annex dance floors will be taped to mark 6ft x 6ft squares for each dancer in each class to use as their designated dance space. Teachers will assign squares to each dancer.  When going “across the floor” dancers will travel two at a time maintaining at least a six foot distance. Dancers waiting for their turn will maintain a six foot distance from each other.


No eating should take place in the studio unless absolutely necessary.

Students SHOULD NOT SHARE BITES OF FOOD OR DRINK FROM THE SAME CONTAINER OR STRAW! (Staff sees this often.) Please impress upon your children that this is an especially dangerous practice at this time.



The studio will be cleaned thoroughly with hospital grade products each night after classes conclude or in the afternoon prior to classes commencing. Restrooms will be sanitized throughout the dance day/evening. Once a week the entire studio will undergo a deep cleaning and a “rest day” will be observed. 



Drinking Fountain: It is recommended that dancers bring a water bottle from home and use the drinking fountain for refills (using the refill station).


Borrow Bins: The sharing of “borrow bin” shoes will be suspended indefinitely.


Lost & Found: We will no longer hold items in our “lost & found” for more than 24 hours. Items left behind will be placed in a Zip-Lock bag and placed in a bin in a cubby in the dancer’s changing area.  We have NEVER held socks, hair items, or undergarments in our lost & found. We will no longer hold water bottles. When sending water bottles to the studio with your dancers, please send inexpensive reusable or disposable versions! Please mark your dancers items with their name (first name and last initial are fine).


Employee Restroom: We have had to purchase cleaning supplies that are highly concentrated and need to be locked up. These products will be stored in the employee restroom which will now be unavailable to the students. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Staggered Schedule: We have done our best to stagger the dance schedule to ensure proper social distancing of the dancers in the common areas.  Classes ending at the same time will be dismissed one at a time. An employee will stand outside/at the door to make sure each dancer returns to their parents car safely. 



Preparing for studio changes is easy!  All dancers should have the following:


  • A face mask or covering (this should cover the nose and mouth)

  • An inexpensive or disposable water bottle


UPDATED 8/12/20


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Perrysburg Dance Academy reserves the right to modify policies regarding public health at any time. When updates are necessary, they will be emailed to all dance families.

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