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ART IN MOTION, Perrysburg Dance Academy's contemporary dance ensemble, is aimed at enhancing artistry and expression in performance. During each rehearsal, emphasis is placed on creating meaningful connections to dance and exploring storytelling and self-expression.  Dancers learn to connect their mind, body, heart, and spirit through contemporary, modern, and lyrical dance.

There is no audition for membership; however, dancers must meet the following criteria​:

  • Dancers must be currently registered and enrolled students of Perrysburg Dance Academy.

  • Dancers must have a history of good attendance and a positive attitude.

  • Studio class requirements include Ballet III, IV, or V AND lyrical or modern. If a student not meeting these requirements wishes to join, please direct your request to Miss Alisa at

Other important information:

  • Advanced dancers (those students in Ballet IV and V) can apply to choreograph solos or duets.  (Applications will be available in December.)

  • REHEARSALS: On December 15, members of AIM meet from 2:00-6:00 pm to begin preparations for their 2020 season. From January until our showcase in June, AIM will operate on a rehearsal schedule that will meet at PDA on Sundays between 2:00-6:00 PM.

  • AIM will have a spring showcase and will appear in one number in the PDA spring dance concert.

  • Costs are kept to a minimum but will include:  $50.00 registration/membership fee and a $50.00 monthly rehearsal fee (non-discountable). At least one costume will need to be purchased as well as a show t-shirt in the spring.

  • Members will be asked to promote the spring show and sell 10 tickets each.

For more information on this unique opportunity, please join us at Perrysburg Dance Academy in Studio B on Sunday, December 15, 2019, at 1:30 PM for a 30-minute informational meeting/presentation.

UPDATE: Art in Motion's 2020 Ensemble is now formed.  Visit us again for more information on our June 14th showcase.

ART IN MOTION is proudly sponsored by                                                giving all of our dancers a reason to smile!