We are looking forward to your child's upcoming performance and want it to be as stress-free as possible. Here is all of the information you need to make your dancer's show day run smoothly.


Saturday, December 4, 2021
PDA's 2021 Winter Showcase (Act 2 and Encore dancers)


Arrival time is 3:00pm (dancers should arrive in costume, with stage-ready hair & makeup)
Show begins at 3:30 p.m.

GETTING THERE - Drivers, Owen's Community College's Center for the Fine & Performing Arts is located at: 

7270 Biniker Rd

Perrysburg, OH 43551

ARRIVAL - It is important that you arrive a few minutes prior to 3:00pm. Dancers should arrive dressed in their costumes, hair & makeup done, and ready to perform.  Upon arrival there will be special guests in the lobby (PDA's Nutcracker Royalty) ready to greet the Winter Showcase performers! Please enjoy taking a few photos prior to having ONE PARENT deliver your dancer to the stage--there will be people waiting to help with directions as well as signs directing you to the STAGE DOOR! Go through the door marked "STAGE DOOR", walk down a short hallway, up a few steps, and you are there!


Once backstage/on the stage, please change your dancer from their street shoes into their ballet slippers.  All dancer's belongings should be kept with their thier adult audience members. Please do not leave your child's belongings backstage.


NOTE: While parents and audience members are being seated, the dancers will be rehearsing their numbers prior to the start of the show. This is their rehearsal, so it is important to arrive on time!

COSTUMES - All Winter Showcase dancers have received their costumes. They should arrived dressed in their costumes. 

HAIR All Winter Showcase dancers will be wearing their hair in a low parted bun except for Miss Kristin's Tuesday Act 2 dancers who will be wearing their hair in pigtails (one on each side of the head, low behind their ears). Typically, hairpieces are worn on the right hand side of the head or above the bun (not on top of the bun but above it). Instructors will ensure that all dancers are wearing their hairpieces properly when they arrive at the Winter Showcase prior to the performance.

Pro-Tip: In the days leading up to the show, it's a great idea to place your dancer's hair accessory in a Ziploc-type bag, cut a slit in the top of the bag, and hang it over the top of the hanger with their costume--TAKE CARE NOT TO LOSE THEIR HAIR ACCESSORY!


MAKEUP - We don't have our youngest dancers perform in full stage makeup. We have found that just a little bit of blush (applied to the apples of their cheeks) and lip gloss are plenty to make our Setting the Stage dancers look beautiful and feel special. Here is the link to PDA's  performance hair and make-up webpage: https://www.perrysburgdance.com/hair-and-make-up (please follow the instructions for the Setting the Stage dancers).

SHOES & TIGHTS - All Winter Showcase dancers will be wearing pink ballet slippers and pink tights (except for the gentlemen who have their separate instructions). PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR DANCER'S BALLET SLIPPERS (A COMMON MISTAKE)!

Need Tights? You can purchase tights at the main studio location for $10.68 (includes tax). Don't worry if you forget--we will have tights for purchase backstage at the show!

DISMISSAL AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE PERFORMANCE - Dancers will be dismissed at the end of their performance from the stage, one class at a time. Each dancer should have ONE parent collect them from the front of the stage. (Please be patient, this can take a few minutes).


*No food or drinks other than WATER should be consumed backstage or in the theater. Please do not send your dancer with any food or drinks unless medically necessary. 

*All dancers' personal items (coat, street shoes, etc.) will remain with their adults during their performance.

*Please, CLEARLY LABEL ALL OF YOUR DANCER’S BELONGINGS--EVERYTHING! PDA is not responsible for lost or missing items.


*Owens Community College requires masks to be worn by everyone (including the dancers except when they are performing). Thank you so much for preparing in advance for this and for your cooperation!

Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL SHOW!!