Perrysburg Dance Academy 






Our Cast 



Kennedy Kersten (Graduating Senior) 

The Doll 

Gabby Petrie 


Little Toy Making Elves 

Lina Burnett, Addelyn Cline, Violet Marier, Julia Riggs



Nadia Howard 


Teddy Bears 

Kathryn Cline, Averie Coleman, Johanna Czech, Molly Hayes, Ayla Kramp, Kate Rairigh, Esme Rummell, Stella Rygalski, Genevieve Stierman, Layla Teems 



Angelita Garcia, Elyssa Hinesman, Cecilia Raglow 


Toy Soldiers 

Lucy Barkholz, Chaarvi Baskara, Diana Beach, Lily Calvin, Evelyn Cufr, India DeBruin, Eden Ewbank, Angelita Garcia, Sophie Gudgeon, Kopelyn Kessler, Meredith Kulmatycki, Kiersten Ludwig, Nylah Miron, Bryn Rajner, Olivia Scasny, Cameryn Secrest, Clara Steele, Makayla Tidwell 


The Jester 

Madison Burnham 



Lilly Boggs, Kendall Drossman, Nicole Holmes 



Madison Burnham, Hannah Kersten, Gabby Petrie 



Cinderella – Gabby Petrie 

Hansel & Gretel – Emme Frantz & Caitlin Shroyer 

Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit – Anna Kang, Brooke Bagdonas, Sage Wagner 

Sleeping Beauty – Sarah Freck 

Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf, The Enchanted Forest –  

Madison Burnham, Evan Thompson, Aubrey Bostater & Angelita Garcia 

Little Dollies 

Lina Burnett, Addelyn Cline, Alivia Hatzidakis, Lillian Kruse, Caroline Marconi, Violet Marier, Gianna Matthews, Nylah Miron, Avery Secrest 


Little Nutcrackers & Apprentice 

Milan McKinney, Harper Yang, Kailyn Blakeman (Drosselmeier’s Apprentice) 



Journie Bertz, Melanie Bertz, Addison (Addie) Bettin, Lydia Cannon, Jaclyn Kantner, Harper Marchand, Amelia Mass, Emma Riggs, Charlotte Zdawczyk 



Keira Magers, Caitlin Shroyer, Sage Wagner, Addison Wilhelms 



Lillian Barkholz, Liam Blakeman, Addelyn Cline, Joslin Downey, Avery Secrest 


Spider & Mice 

Tess Born, Stella Dockins, Emily Koedam (Spider), Aryanna Moore 


The Mouse Queen 

Grace Clark 


The Nutcracker 

Olivia Luscombe 


Battle Scene - Big Mice 

Matilda Dalton, Keira Magers, Brooklyn Milligan 


Battle Scene - Nutcracker's Army 

Lyla Fischer, Gabrielle Lemerand, Allie Welch 


Snow Queen 

Ellie Garst 


Snow Princesses 

Addie Kunos, Addison Wilhelms 


Snow Flurries 

Madison Burnham, Grace Clark, Hannah Kersten, Brecken Kies, Morgan Morse, Gabby Petrie 



Brooke Bagdonas, Aubrey Bostater, Matilda Dalton, Lyla Fischer, Emme Frantz, Sarah Freck, Angelita Garcia, Anna Kang, Gabrielle Lemerand, Keira Magers, Brooklyn Milligan, Cecilia Raglow, Caitlin Shroyer, Evan Thompson, Sage Wagner, Allie Welch 


Sugar Plum 

Kristin Miller (Graduating Senior) 



McKenzie Bates, Jillian Jo DeMars, Addison Fullenkamp, Bryn Rajner, Lucy Russell, Victoria Sayago Ayestaran, Maria Thompson 


Fairy Dust 

Brooke Bates, Adalyn Boecker, Victoria Courtney, Neha Sharath, Amaira Verma, Harper Yang 


Lemon Drops 

Brooke Bagdonas, Lucy Barkholz, India DeBruin, Emme Frantz, Addie Kunos, Brooklyn Milligan, Cameryn Secrest 


Candy Canes 

Brooke Bagdonas, Madison Burnham, Grace Clark, Katie Giller, Anna Kang, Hannah Kersten, Morgan Morse, Gabby Petrie, Caitlin Shroyer, Evan Thompson 


Hot Chocolate 

Matilda Dalton, Elyssa Hinesman, Brooklyn Milligan, Grace Sterling, Sage Wagner, Addison Wilhelms 


Arabian Princess 

Brecken Kies 


Coffee Court 

Sarah Freck, Ellie Garst, Anna Kang, Morgan Morse 



Lillian Barkholz, Addison Fullenkamp, Adelyn Hall, Myla Ketelaar 



Aubrey Bostater, Evelyn Cufr, Sophie Gudgeon, Emily Koedam, Addie Kunos, Olivia Scasny 


Russian Trepak 

Diana Beach, Lily Calvin, Meredith Kulmatycki, Senna Musa, Madison Nickerson, Bryn Rajner, Clara Steele, Grace Sterling 



Hannah Kersten 



Kaya Beard, Makenzie Burnham, Lydia Cannon, Teagan Heiss, Bailee Kieffer, Ellie Kubacki, Esme Rummell, Charlotte Zdawczyk 



Matilda Dalton, Lyla Fischer, Katie Giller, Sophie Gudgeon, Gabrielle Lemerand, Grace Sterling, Evan Thompson 



McKenzie Bates, Ragan Fry, Myla Ketelaar, Lillian Kruse, Caroline Marconi, Violet Marier, Julia Riggs, Lucy Russell 


Dew Drop 

Morgan Morse 



Brooke Bagdonas, Aubrey Bostater, Madison Burnham, Matilda Dalton, Lyla Fischer, Emme Frantz, Sarah Freck, Angelita Garcia, Ellie Garst, Anna Kang, Hannah Kersten, Brecken Kies, Addie Kunos, Gabrielle Lemerand, Keira Magers, Brooklyn Milligan, Gabby Petrie, Cecilia Raglow, Caitlin Shroyer, Evan Thompson, Sage Wagner, Allie Welch, Addison Wilhelms 


English Roses 

Elisabeth Axford, Aubrey Bostater, Claire Bucher, Evelyn Cufr, Olivia Kesling, Kiersten Ludwig, Clara Steele, Tori Wignall 



Makenzie Burnham, Mariana Cross, Emelie Cuvelier, Gretchen Miller, Julia Riggs, Kennedy Sandwisch, Eleanor Young 

Behind the Scenes 


Music Composed by: 

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

Choreography by:

Alisa Marier, Mariah Neil, Sarah Heckler, Sarah North, and Megan Burnham


Videography by:

Tom Hofbauer 

Produced by: 

Pamela Laskiewicz Heckler 


Directed by: 

Alisa Marier 

Bouquets and a round of applause for our hard working and dedicated dancers who brought this magical story to life! 


Congratulations to our graduating seniors, Kennedy Kersten and Kristin Miller, on two spectacular final Nutcracker performances! We will miss you dearly! 


We sincerely thank you (our PDA parents, families, and friends) for your continued support of your dancers and our program. Without you none of this would be possible!  

Happy Nutcracker and many blessing for a happy & healthy 2021 from your PDA family!