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Magic (PDA 2022-2023 Competition Team)
Coach – Mariah Neil

McKenzie Bates, Diana Beach, Claire Bucher, Olivia Kesling, Violet Marier, Nylah Miron, Carly Perry, Brooklyn Windsor


Sharp Dressed Man (Setting the Stage: Encore! Sat11:00)
Instructor - Mariah Neil; Assistant – Madison Burnham

Ethan Christie, Luca Cotterman, Ruby Cox, Lilliana Feehan, Rosalie Gottschalk, Claire Jurca-Spivey, Juliet Kociancic, Aria Nagy, Olivia Orlando, Emiliana Valencia-Perez, Audrey Zylka


True Colors ( Setting the Stage: Act 1 - T4:30)
Instructor - Kristin Rummell; Assistant – Macy Friemoth

Harper Abbey, Sophie Barefoot, Baylee  Bates, Emma Bettin, Charlotte Caswell, Addison Hall,

Aspen Hoelter, Reese Ogdahl, Elle Radabaugh, Josephine Sheskey, Claire Sokoloski, Lily Zelasko


Try Everything (PDA 2022-2023 Competition Team)
Coach – Kristin Polubneva

Brooke Bates, Molly Hayes, Esme Rummell

Something Wild (Setting the Stage: Act 2 - Sat10:30)
Instructor - Mariah Neil; Assistant – Madison Burnham

Adelyn Bunker, Clara Chiarelott, Leah Cotterman, Eva Graff, Maisy Hanf, Olivia Langenderfer, Teagan Madison, Stella Murray, Carolyn Ortinau, Sullivan Ortinau, Megha Sukala, Grace Wright


Happy (Setting the Stage: Encore! - T5:30)
Instructor - Kristin Rummell; Assistant – Morgan Morse

Isabel  Boecker, Kate Calderon, Reagan Cobb, Elise Essig, Isabella (Ella) Fullenkamp,

Raelynn Leupp, Erin Patterson, Mila Rodriguez, Faith Teems


Say Hey (Setting the Stage: Act 2 - M5:00)
Instructor - Olivia Luscombe; Assistant – Lucy Barkholz

Gianna Apling, Sophia Hacker, Emmaline Hill, Lily Meister, Charlotte Samson, Campbell Seem,

Edith Sobecki, Nadea Stewart, Franklin Suffel, Cassandra Tipton, Claire Wymer


Love in the Dark (PDA 2022-2023 Competition Team)
Coach – Alisa Marier

Madison Burnham, Macy Friemoth, Gabby Petrie, Sage Wagner


An Everlasting Love (Setting the Stage: Encore! - M5:30)
Instructor - Olivia Luscombe; Assistant – Brooke Bagdonas

Millie Abke, Leona Cygan, Jillian Hawkins, Briar Immediato, Felicity Kreps, Addelyn Kubacki, Alivia McMahon, Vanessa Morris, Caroline Rairigh, Audrey Reissig

Itsy Bitsy Spider (Setting the Stage: Act 1 - Sat10:00)
Instructor - Mariah Neil; Assistant – Addison Wilhelms

Piper Bates, Nell Geary, Charlotte Hatcher, Piper Hawn, Josilyn Hubbell, River Kovach,

Molly Langell, Rylee Overton, Noralynn Scofield, Audrey Shiple, Noah White,


Pump Up the Jam (PDA 2022-2023 Competition Team)
Coach – Mariah Neil

Diana Beach, Claire Bucher, Violet Marier, Carly Perry, Brooklyn Windsor


Better When I'm Dancing (Setting the Stage: Act 2 (4-5yrs) - T5:00)
Instructor – Kristin Polubneva; Assistant – Gabby Petrie

Mia Andreano, Lily Black, Josephine Cufr, Isla Ferguson, Levon Fowler, Molly Kantner, Harper Kerns, Emory Kolena, Katherine Lossick, Olivia Naves, Lillian Roach, Kaydence Snyder


Upside Down (Setting the Stage: Act 1 - M4:30)
Instructor - Olivia Luscombe; Assistant – Addison Wilhelms

Millie Boris, Josephine Cairnes, Josephine Cameron, Emris Cousino, Annabelle Kubacki, Beatrix Leininger , Evelyn McVey, Olive Poling, Millie Stebli, Cailyn Tasma


Free Bird (Art in Motion)
Instructor - Alisa Marier

Brooke Bagdonas, Lucy Barkholz, Claire Bucher, Madison Burnham, Macy Friemoth, Sophie Gudgeon, Gabrielle Lemerand, Kiersten Ludwig, Brooklyn Milligan, Morgan Morse, Bryn Rajner, Caitlin Shroyer, Sage Wagner


Many thanks to the parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who supported our dancers through several months of rehearsals. A special “Thank You” to all of the volunteers who went above and beyond to make our 2023 performances run smoothly!


Thank you to the staff of Owens Community College's Center for the Fine & Performing Arts for allowing us to perform in their beautiful facility and for helping our shows look so professional. 


Thank you to the following businesses in making our show magical: Dunlap Photography, Fast Signs, Precision Business Services, Welch Publishing, and Creative Video Imagery.


Bravo and Bouquets to our dedicated staff who worked long hours to ensure the success of this production:


Studio Director/Producer………………..........Pamela Laskiewicz Heckler

Artistic Director/Show Director………………Alisa Marier

Instructors/Show Choreographers…………..Alisa Marier, Mariah Neil, Sarah Heckler, Kristin Polubneva, 

                                                                              Megan Burnham, Taylor Brooks, and Olivia Luscombe

Studio Support Staff………………………........Tiffany Petrie & Melanie Friemoth

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